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Reporting from mobile app

I am looking for someway to extract data in a graphical format to PDF via email.

I have a small app (which I am going to make available through the app store) which means the site has been designed to a certain size. At the end of the process of using the app I want it to generate an A4 sized report on the data that has been entered. This will be sent to the email that the user has registered.

I have used convertortoPDF before and this is great on a full size site but not sure this will work on an small sized app. Has anyone had any experience of this and can recommend a solution that will allow me to build a report from the data in A4 size and email it?

Hey @p_clavering :wave:

Yes. This is absolutely possible.

To do this you would create a page of the report, or whatever you are trying to save as a pdf, that won’t be seen by the user. Make sure this page is the right A4 size. Again, they won’t see it, so it doesn’t matter the size.

Then you can use something like SelectPDF so you would send a link to the page that needs to be converted to a pdf and email it to the user.

I do this sort of thing all the time. It’s very possible. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi @J805 ,

this sounds ideal but not sure how this would work in principle. Do you perhaps have a link to an example? Basically the user fills in the details on the app and then I am not sure what you mean by send a link to the page.

If this works though this sounds ideal :slight_smile:


Hey @p_clavering

I wish I had more time to make an example for you.

Basically, if you are filling out a database type called ‘Form’ then you would make the pdf page a type ‘Form’. When sending the page to create a PDF from it, you send along the ‘Form’ dataType too. So it will print the data you want.

You create the pdf page based on the current page’s ‘Form’ and create the page however you want it to look like.

Does that make more sense? Hope that helps a bit. :blush:

No worries re an example - was hoping you might have had one already :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry being dumb I get that the user fills in the information (it will be in many types) but how is the information triggered? Do they just click on a button and then it creates a page in the background.

Sorry for the questions - let me research SelectPDF and see if I can work this out :slight_smile:

Check out PDF conjurer - it doesn’t depend on screenshotting the page to create a PDF so the PDF will turn out the same no matter what device it is initiated from. You can also use backend workflows which is much better UX.

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Brilliant thanks for this - will have a look at it and see if I can figure it out :slight_smile: