Reporting in bubble

I don’t know where to start with this, but I’m trying to generate reports based on inputs


I want to generate a report to a csv file based on the selected FROM and TO dates, but I don’t know how to even go about this

I’ve been able to set up a workflow to generate a report using this plugin: WB Export (CSV / XLSX) Plugin | Bubble

But I don’t know to set it up so that a date has to be seleted and I then the report will be generated based on the selected dates

I’d appreciate any help that will help me figure this out, thank you

I don’t think i understand your question well, do you want the FROM and TO date to have a value before they can generate report?

Yes, I want the generated report to return customers based on the selected FROM and TO

Then on the generate button, you have to use do a conditional formatting to check if the FROM and To date is empty and make it unclickable if it is empty. You could also add some UI formatting on the FROM and TO date, e.g a red border color if the FROM and TO date fields are empty to indicate to the user that the fields must be filled.

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