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Repost in Repeating Group

Hey! I was wondering if any one new how to repost in a repeating group where when an icon is clicked it creates another cell of the cell that was clicked. As you can see in the image when I click repost the number works but there is no new cell being created of that same post. My workflow is below also. This is when the repost icon is clicked

Tough to tell from just these screenshots, but you want to make sure the post is getting added to whichever timeline is being used as the Data Source for the repeating group. Then, it should appear based on the sorting rules you put. A link to the editor would be more helpful than these images, to be honest. I’m just shooting in the dark a bit.

It looks like you have a list of posts on the User called Timeline ?

So you want to add the same post AGAIN to the list ?

Bubble doesn’t let you have duplicates in the list when you do an Add.

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