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Request Data should be text - issue

Hey there, I’m not if this is a bug or not - I’m trying to integrate coinbase into my application but I’m stuck on the webhooks.

On the backend workflow, I’m trying to change the ‘status’ of the user to whatever gets sent back from coinbase as seen here:

The ‘event type’ should be: charge:failed or charge:pending etc

But when I try and run this I get this error in bubble:

I’m confused because I thought I would be getting back a printable text object, every tutorial I’ve watched with stripe (I couldn’t find one about coinbase) didn’t have this issue.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand the question….

The first image looks correct to me…

The second one clearly not…

So why are you not including the event type (as in the first image)?

Sometimes the variable and the value are not the same type (in your case, status is text but request data… is Request Data type). I think you can try to format the value to be compatible with status.

Samson @ Plugin Developer
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I figured out the issue, it was just a silly mistake on my part!

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