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Request for feedback: What 3rd party integrations are missing?

Oh yes !


Not a third party integration, but I’d love to have scrollable containers as a native implementation in Bubble.

The two main use cases I have personally had:

  • A fixed height block that has more text than the height of the element allows for. The user would be able to independently scroll within this block to see all the text without scrolling the entire page or expanding the size of the block.
  • a horizontal repeating group that has more columns than the width of the container. In my use case, think of a spreadsheet that needs to keep things one row, such as a student attendance chart. Each student has a row, and the columns are dates. I want to be able to scroll left and right within this repeating group without having to have a mega wide fixed group page.

It’s likely that both of these cases are possible with html elements, but that defeats the purpose for a no code platform IMO

  • HTML Emails

  • Simple Chat Integration

  • Video Chat Integration

  • Better plugin and template management. There’s a lot of trash on both of those marketplaces that makes bubble look cheap (and not the good kind of cheap)


Thank you all for the feedback so far; please keep it coming!


Not really a 3rd part request but it would be nice if default alert could be aligned to the bottom too


Hi @allenyang,

Integration of Jasonelle and Bubble as a plugin (Native construct of Bubble).

ref: Native your app with Jasonelle in 10 min.


+1 perfectly brought to the point.

Advancement on charts would be a huge plus!


I would love to have advanced chart plugins. You can do mathematical and statistical calculations but there is no easy built in tool to present them. Imagine that is possible that’s whole new concept. And new opportunities will open. @romanmg @timgarrett111


I am still in the phase trying Bubble out. But I do have experience with other platform. So comparing all i would like Bubble to have

  • +1 HTML email + attachments. Or just using Bubble UI designer* for this.
  • +1 PWA
  • Export to PDF based on HTML or better Bubble UI designer*

*So for example: alongside pages and reusable elements you also are able to design emails and pdf’s but this maybe be a bit far fetched for now. Just a thought

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Algolia search (or even a better version of bubble’s searchbox)

I think this can really only be done in a ‘clean way’ by bubble because it controls the app database and data is needed for indexing


+1 advanced charts

+1 algolia and getstream to power repeating groups

Ability to easily create an iCal feed from a calendar made within Bubble


(The combination of) AND and OR Filters to Refine Repeating Group.

+1 on Algolia powered search for repeating groups.

It would be helpful to have a group element that can smoothly scale its height & width relative to its parent.

For example, that would enable a group to follow the same height as a sibling group when the sibling group’s height is collapsed/expanded together with there common parent.

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Some great ideas here, just to keep it brief but reaffirm:

  • Charts
  • Algolia integration for RG
  • Tooltips

Popping in to confirm that I’m jotting these all down! Thanks again and if there are any other ideas on this topic, keep 'em coming!


There is a great application that includes SEO and grammar optimization, supported by AI for the INK desktop, and it’s free.

SEO can certainly be done easily and quickly while writing content.

It gives many options when exporting the file, but they created an extension called .ink. Wordpress is import this .ink file.

It would be great to in Bubble


I know that Nigel has already said it, but I just want to reaffirm: beef up the plugin editor and API connector and we’ll do miracles there! There are lots of ideas through the forum and I know that several people (including me) has emailed support several other suggestions.

You people must do what we cannot do. Integrating Algolia or Elastic Search is something we can do.


I agree and Disagree at the same time. Don’t forget that Bubble is a nocode platform that want to let non coder create apps. Plugin Editor and API Connector are not for everyone. So creating easier way to have some integration like this is welcome I think.

But I agree that a lot of work can be done on both plugin editor and api connector.

I would like to have a the feature to collapse groups width when hidden. Or collapse horizontal or vertical margin using the workflow.