Request: Freelancer / Mentor service

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on my Bubble app for the last 5-6 weeks, and believe I made fine progress in the beginning, but now I’m running into a wall and need some expert help.

I’m searching for a freelancer/mentor type of service, who can help me build my project, but it’s just as important that I learn what’s going on, and why. I have no preferences inn terms of how the ‘educating-aspect’ should work, but I’m sure we will figure something out.

The project I’m working on is fairly basic as I see it, and a lot of the ground work is already created by me or by the bought template used. It’s a content-led marketplace where agencies can create a portfolio/listing to showcase previous work, and users can discover agencies for hire. In addition to this there will be a community page where users can ask public questions, where agencies can reply.

As mentioned there is somekind of a foundation and wireframes as well.

Could this be interesting for anyone? If anyone can recommend anyone to reach out to as well, please let me know. I can of course elaborate a bit more on the project moving forward. Just PM me or reach me at [email protected] with rates, previous projects etc

I’m located in Copenhagen, Denmark CET if this has any relevance.

Just sent a pm @gianrasmussen :slight_smile:

Same here. Please contact me if available for casual consulting services as I build my app. Thanks.