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Request to upload a json file with the json answer of a previous request within a workflow

I have a workflow with 2 steps:

1- I make a request to get a list of transactions. This request return a json.
2 I need to upload a json file containing the data received in step 1 (hereafter named example.json). The api request to do this should have the following specification:

curl -X POST
-H ‘Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN’
-F [email protected]
url of the api

I suppose that the second request should use form-data body with a “input” parameter and with the “send file” option checked but I wonder which should be the value of that parameter. Can it be “result of step 1” (or @“result of step 1”? Should the data-type of the 1st request be “json” or “file”? Should I have anything else to do?