Requesting help with page redirects to source after a task is completed on destination page

Hi all,

   I'm seeking help on how to let the user go back to a source page (let's say Page A) from where they were redirected to destination page (let's say Page B), the user completes the task they ought to and then is expecting to go back to Page A, but I'm unable to figure how to make this transition. The workflow I've enabled as shown in the video is to move back to a generic homepage/index. 

Any help in how to enable this would be awesome!

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Hi @sidhboss :wave:

In the action where you send your user to the profile page, so he can fill his age, check the option to “Send more parameters to the page”. You will have to name the parameter your are sending. Name it “redirect” , choose text as its type and give it the value of your Current Page Event’s Unique ID.

Now, when you are redirected you will see in the URL that you will have something like this in the end:


This will indicate that your user came from an Event Page and he should be redirected to this event after filling the form.

So in your profile page, in the workflow that you are using to save user’s information, you will need to add an action in the end, to redirects he back to the event page ONLY WHEN the parameter “redirect” in the URL is not empty.

Choosing the correct page:

See if works.

Hi Rafael, I am trying to do this but for some reason it redirects me to the wrong events page and it is constantly the same events page. Will try figure out what is going wrong but thank you for the way to accomplish it.
Thank you again!

Can you share another video showing the this issue?

Hi Rafael, was able to solve the issue… It works now! I think I wasn’t doing it the way you exactly mentioned. It works now… Thanks a bunch my friend… You’re awesome!

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