Require specific email domain

I am a bit stumped on a functionality I am trying to build. Hoping a bubble guru may be able to help out. First, some background…

I have two different user ‘roles’ for my app. First, professors, who create classes. Second, students, who enroll in those classes.

Now professors want to specify which email handle students can have so that they know specifically who is in their class. For example, student**** can be looked up in the school’s registry and is attached to a specific student. bubblecoder123**** could be anyone.

Using an identifiable email address is really critical to my web app’s success and cannot be worked around.

Any help would be appreciated.

Or could anyone help me understand why this is not working? image

What does the issue error text say ?

“Make changes to current user: Only when should be yes/no but right now it is a”

What are you trying to pull back from Class’s Required Email ? The contains bit at the end … looks a bit odd.

You may need to do :firstitem as a search is a list and the domain should be a thing.

Well, I’m open to suggestions on how to do this. I am just trying different things. When the professor creates a class, he uses this popup: image

When the student tries to enroll in the class, he uses this popup: image

I then have a repeating group which checks if the concatenation of the user’s email domain and entered enrollment token match a concatenation of the professor’s enrollment token and posted email requirement. I just can’t seem to get it to work.