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Requirement that all IOS Apps must be built with Xcode and IOS SDK

Wondering how the new requirement from Apple that “Starting April 2021, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 12 and the iOS 14 SDK” will impact people looking to build IOS apps in Bubble.

I’ve seen posts about, BDK native app service, Deploy and others means to convert website apps to mobile apps.

I guess I just don’t know enough about the process from going from a web app to a mobile app or Apple’s review process, but clearly Bubble apps aren’t build with Xcode or the IOS SDK.

My main question is with this change is there still a viable path forward for building IOS apps on Bubble. If so, what are they?

Thanks for any insights, education, or guidance.

Hello @mike15

Have a look : 10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_orange_diamond:

You can wisely build a web and app under the same page.

“means to convert website apps to mobile apps.” Nothing to convert. Bubble has already 80% (with plugins) of native functions. You have to play with responsive to make it compatible for phones and web browsers at the same time if it’s your goal.

Thanks @JohnMark. I had previously read your post on using Jasonelle when I was doing some initial research. Thanks for putting that all together. The how to do it seems very clear, but I’m still trying to work through what exactly is happening at each step behind the scenes.

But it sounds like you are implying that this method will satisfy Apple’s new requirement that all apps be developed with Xcode and IOS SDK. Is that right? I just want to make sure because my relatively uneducated read of this process is that it wraps a Bubble app in JSON. The working code isn’t actually compiled with Xcode. This just creates a pointer to the endpoint.

I guess I’m just worried that Apple will look at an app produced like this and say it wasn’t really produced with Xcode. Am I being unreasonably concerned or cautious here?


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In fact, you have to compile in Xcode. 100% Xcode code :slight_smile:
Jasonelle is 100% Xcode/Studio compatible (written in C with their respective objects). I will not worry about it. You can also create a full app (without Bubble) with Jasonelle. Welcome to Bubble :partying_face:

@JohnMark thanks for confirming. And thanks for all the work on the tutorial!

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Hi John,

First of all, thank you so much for your contribution to the forum! It is indeed appreciated :smiley: I’ve been building on bubble for a little over a year now and I’ve now started exploring the opportunities to turn bubble apps into native apps.

I was wondering if you might help me with a question as I’m not so into jasonelle/xcode and SDK, and maybe you know something about this.

I want to turn a bubble app into a native app using jasonelle. I need to set up an SDK in xcode as well that will enable payment in the app from something called MobilePay. Do you know if it’s possible for bubble/jasonelle work with this if its set up in xcode?


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Hello @peter11

You have to play with the responsive design to create your native app first. Then you use jasonelle and Xcode (7 lines). Calling MobilePlay sdk inside Xcode? You have to ask Camilo on Jasonelle Telegram forum ($) to integrate it.

Thx JohnMark :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The responsiveness should be okay I assume, as the app is built as a PWA web app at first.

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