Requiring a specific attribute when a user uploads data via CSV

Hello –

I was trying to figure out how to do the following and was unable, so wanted to ask whether it is possible, or any recommendation:

My application has a Data Type ‘Employees’, and the Data Type ‘Employees’ has several attributes, one of which is ‘Employee Email Address’. I want to make it so that an ‘Employee’ can never be created without an associated ‘Employee Email Address’ … that is to say that I want the employees email address to be a required attribute.

Is there any way to do this? I recognize that if a user is creating an ‘Employee’ using input forms, I can make it so that the email address input field cannot be left blank.

However, if I have created a workflow that uses the ‘Upload Data as CSV’ action to enable my users to bulk create entries for their company’s employees – however if they leave the ‘Employee Email Address’ blank in the CSV template I provide to them, then Bubble will create an ‘Employee’ without an ‘Employee Email Address’.

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you may have!

Schedule every created employee to be checked if their email field is empty 30 minutes or so after creation, If so, delete the record.

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