Reset Application

Hi there, is there anyone having the solution yet?

Hey, I’m looking to reset my app to a new template as well.

What I’m thinking to do (but haven’t tried yet), since you cannot delete an re-create your app (the name will be taken), and there is no built-in way to reset your app, is using the import / export json feature.

The import/export feature is only on the paid plan though, but for exporting the blank app and the template app you should be able to use the 14-days trial that comes with newly created apps.

  1. Create & export blank app as json
  2. Import blank app to overwrite existing app
  3. Create & export new app from template
  4. Import into existing app

Et voila \o/ (in theory)

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And, by the way, it worked beautifully just as I wrote ! I didn’t even need to import a blank app, since importing an app will wipe everything that is pre-existing.

This is really silly, how come we are all in this same problem and they are doing nothing about it? I got charged twice just because I decided to test another template, and now I have to wait until support wakes up to even try another template? This really makes no sense…
Anyone found a solution to that?

It’s not possible to export a blank app or the template app on a free plan…

i’ve the same issue and it’s crazy that i’ve to pay again since the only way to reset an app is by deleting it and starting over! i paid for a template and an app to have flexability not to be robed.

how can i reset an app using a template or to have a fresh installation of the template without paying again!

What I did was use the template from the original one I purchased as a new app got the trail, exported it and then imported it over the top of my original app and it worked a treat just have to update the colours, thanks for this idea!