Reset every friday at midnight

I want many things to take place and change at midnight every friday. What plugin can i do to have this happen

Could you share a bit more about the use case you’re trying to solve for?

At a high level, you can set up a recurring event with a weekly frequency, provided that you are on at least a Professional plan.

That recurring event triggers an API workflow that performs the necessary actions to create, undo or delete data based on list(s) that meet the criteria.

I have a voting website. Every Friday at midnight I want the highest voted thing to have its status changed and I want all the other items to have its votes set to midnight. I do not have a paid account

Unfortunately, you can’t use the scheduled API workflows or recurring workflows feature unless you are on a paid plan.

Provided you update to at least a Personal plan, you’ll have access to scheduled API workflows.

As part of that, you could “manually” set up the scheduled API workflow to run at midnight on Friday, where you first flag the winning vote-getter (with a “is_winner” = yes tag if it is the thing with the highest votes. All other items get tagged with “is_winner” = no. Then run a second workflow on all is_winner = no items that resets the vote count to zero. You would just, at some point during the week, need to schedule the workflow by clicking the button and set the scheduled time as Friday at midnight.

any plugin that can set a time to activate

Plugins are meant to operate when the user is using the site (ie. a user has a tab open).

While there may be a plugin out there someone could adopt/build that can trigger an action without use of an API event, I really don’t think that that reasonably exists. If such a plugin existed, you would need to leave a browser tab open in the background that triggers a workflow on the page.

As well, I gave the plugins directory a quick scan, and didn’t see anything that matches.

Yes, at the present time it is not possible to build a plug-in that would do anything like this. So none would exist.

But welcome to the exciting world of microservices, @stolzj19! If you upgrade your app to at least personal, now you have access to API workflows and you can then do cron jobs like this by having some external service ping your app to kickoff a workflow.

Most folks seem to use things like Zapier to accomplish this, but if you’re a bit more hackerly, can be used to create cron jobs that will fire off a POST request to your Bubble app.

Once on an API Workflow-enabled Bubble plan, you may not need to go thru such hoops, BTW. If there’s some administrative task you do each week with respect to your app, you could just make scheduling an api workflow like this part of any of the workflows you touch (or even cleverly attach it to a user workflow such that it gets triggered only once since the last one was completed).

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We use for this type of thing. We’ve found it’s easier to set-up and manage than doing the same within Bubble.


Ima have to check that out. Nice tip.

Edit: Just had a look at this and, $12 a year for 8K executions per day!? Amaze! So, correction: EXCELLENT tip.

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