Reset indexes for repeating group?

I have a repeating group with data in it. I have a dropdown for a sorting, and a checkbox for descending/ascending. I also have an Edit Cell button, which uses the current cell index to choose which cell to edit. When I sort my group with the dropdowns and/or the checkbox, the indexes don’t seem to stay where they should – the edit button edits the cell that was in its location at the page load.

Why do you need to use the index? Why can’t you just use “this cell’s whatever”?

Any reason you can’t reference “this cell’s thing” when going to edit like mentioned?

You could alternatively sort based on a thing’s value. Say if you added a new field called “Sort Order” of type number/integer to your RG thing, you would then be able to reference that number when sorting your RG.

You must be doing something odd here in order to edit a cell based on its index, I’d recommend against this.

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