Reset Password Help

Hello there i need help with the Password Rest, The option is not listed so i can not make this page…

I made it so the reset password link would send a random code to the users email and add it to a value in the users account also locks the users account, The “code” would then unlock the Group to change the password however i can’t find the option to change the password once the new password is entered.

Hi, use the “Update the user’s credentials”.

That requires the user to know his/her old password tho… this is for “forgotten password”


If you’re on the Password Reset page you have this option:

i am on that page but do not get that option

On your reset_pw page?

Thats correct yes…

Do you have a link to your editor, so I can look into it further?

i’ll finish working of other parts of the site and bounce back to this if thats okay :slight_smile:

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