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Reset password returns "Oops, this doesn't look like a valid email:"

I’ve set up a ‘Reset password’ link following this guide but when I click the ‘forgot password’ link, it returns “Oops, this doesn’t look like a valid email:”

Could this be because I am still on the Bubble free plan?

Could this be because I am still on the Bubble free plan?


Check your forms and make sure they’re all linked right in the backend.
PM me your editor link if you want to have a better look.

Hey there @darren.james7518,

This was a recent update Bubble made that checks if the email you’re requesting a password reset exists within your app. So my question for you is if that email address you entered to get reset exists in your app.

Thanks, how do I PM my editor link?

Yes, that email address exists in my app.

I’m seeing the same symptoms as Darren.
Worth mentioning that I have just upgraded to the latest version, but till a few hours ago I was on an older version - and I was still seeing the same alert.
Also in my case, the email address is in the DB and I can login just fine with it.
One thing that might interfere… I’m using “disposable email addresses” to test the login/logout/reset functionality. Could that be why Bubble says it’s not valid?
(But then why accept it in the first place?)

@darren.james7518: do logs show anything meaningful in your case?
In my case, not so much - here’s the full extract:

Not sure how to proceed further.

Yes, the email address I entered to get reset exists in my app. Still having issues with this.

Hello there,

I discovered this page, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a solution to the problem…

I’m also getting the same “Oops, this doesn’t look like a valid email:” message. A customer pointed out at me (not nice) and then I realised that I could reproduce it with one of my accounts (i.e. I’m sure the email address is correct, and it is in the DB).

Any ideas?

Ok, I discovered how to solve the issue (in my case, at least):

I simply needed to create a new input box. For whatever reason, the original one was “corrupted”.

Make sure the Content Format of the new box is “email”, not text.

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Regarding Users, check under Data/Privacy/User and checkmark the “email” field. This will resolve the Oops message. You will need to assess how it impacts your own app’s security.

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The User doesn’t have an email checkbox, only the ‘Everyone else’ people have one. Plus, if you check the ‘Everyone else’ Email it still doesn’t work. I always get the same error “Oops, this doesn’t look like a valid email:”

I decided to use Sendgrid for password reset and used this excellent beginners guide to setting up Sendgrid.

I still have a question …

I firstly set up a Sendgrid template for sending a welcome email.

As a quick test, I created a password reset page on my Bubble with a workflow to send reset instructions to the user’s email. However, the email which get’s sent is my Sendgrid welcome email, not a reset password email?

Besides, even if I create a new ‘password reset’ email in Sendgrid, Bubble only allows one Sendgrid template ID?

How can I have multiple email templates if Bubble only allows one template ID?

Also, if/when I solve this, what do I put in the reset email body so the user has something to click and rest their pass?