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Reset password workflow

@NigelG @mishav @Pat

Hello lovelies.

So I have an issue I can´t seem to be able to solve and you guys have been incredibly helpful in the past.

Reseting a password. I am …

  • redirecting the user to a page where he can type in his email
  • i then send him an email with another link to reset the actual password
  • on that page he can type in the new password and i set to workflow to ´reset users credentials`

the last reset password page: how can i make sure the password is reset for the email from which this link was opened?

on the first reset password page, where the user just types in the email, it keeps rejecting my email and i don t know why.

here are links:)

thank you guys:)!!

Hi, @sophia

If you look at the built in bubble reset password element, you can “reverse engineer” it.

Here’s the workflow:

Hope that helps!

Cool app by the way. My wife’s a professional acrobat, I’d love to see more of this!


Awesome, forward it to her and tell me what she says:)

Very cool.

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