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Reset Progress Bar

Hi Bubblers,

I have a progress bar and when I click a button the progress bar increases with Do every 1 seconds to 100. I’m using a custom state “percentage” as the value.

When it gets to 100 how would I reset the progress bar percentage back to zero? I tried this with no luck.

Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Can you instead use a workflow, Do when condition is true, when the state’s percentage = 100, you would reset the state back to 0.

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I have a Do when condition is true

Then I set the state of percentage back to 0

but when I do it this way the progress bar seems to run through twice (go to 100 then back to zero then to 100 again).

Does the order of these blocks matter (and can they even be reordered)?

Appreciate the help! Im getting closer :slight_smile:

Is the second workflow in the image above the one that’s increasing the ProgressBar A’s percentage value?

If so you’ll need to stop that from running once the percentage reaches 100% and the progress bar is reset.