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[ Reset Relevant Inputs ] - Missing from API Workflow / Endpoint

I am adding some things to a list, these things come from an external API, everything works perfectly until I have more than one element from the API that is going to be added to the same list, only adds the first element.
I believe the problem is because at API Workflows / Endpoint we can not use or insert “Reset Relevant Inputs” so it gets the same first element and keeps adding it to the list overwriting the last one. If the list are different, even If I have more than one thing from the API, everything is added correctly.

So I do not know if this is a bug or something missing.

I have tried every single way to insert the new things in the same list with no luck, so I believe that has to be the problem.
please see the attached images.

I think there is a confusion here. An API workflow is triggered by an API call, so there isn’t any input to reset.

Yes, but I am adding to a list from a Result of step 1 where I already created a thing. - shouldn’t be a reset in between those two?

I’m not sure I see why? What are you trying to reset?

I am doing a search of things containing a list based on fields I got from the API, when I get two or more things from the API containing the same fields to do the search, from the second thing on, they are not added tho the list, they are created as a thing in the first step, but not added to the list in the second step.

As it currently stands, the API doesn’t return all the list to you, just the “first” item in the array. Is this maybe your issue ?

Hey Nigel, thank you for your reply.

Actually the API returns all the elements in the array, and I am able the save them as thing individually.
The problem I am getting is when adding to a list. To know the list where I need to save them, first I need to make a search of the thing containing the list, I am using 3 constrains in this search, when the elements in the array have different “fields” that match the constrains, the adding works perfectly, because every thing from the step 1 is saved in different lists.
The problem is when more than one thing from the step 1 match the same constrains of the search and they have to be save in the same list, it is only adding one of them, not all of them.

I hope you understand me.

Thank you again.

Hmmm, I think we are talking at cross purposes unless this has changed recently.