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Reset Slider Input Position

Hi All,

I’m using the slider input as a lock / unlock switch to edit repeating row records.
When I switch its position to 2, it shows editable input fields and exposes an update row button. When I press the update button the record updates and the editable fields are replaced with read only text, however I can’t get the switch to go back to its initial position.

The slider has 2 values (1 = locked, 2 = unlocked).
I have tried conditional formatting using all of the options but I can’t seem to find a way to control the slider with the update button to set it back to its initial position (position 1).

Does anyone know any way to control the slider action so I can achieve this?


Make sure the slider and update button are in the same group and add an action to the update button’s workflow: “element actions > reset data” and select the group that contains the slider and button.

Thanks very much for the response roman.

I have given that a go and the button is successfully resetting the slider data (proven by the handle colour resetting), but the handle position is remaining unchanged. I also tried hiding and showing the slider thinking that they may reset the handle position back to its initial position but with no luck.

Any further thoughts what I might be missing here?


I’ve replaced the standard slider with the ionic toggle. Works a treat! :smile:


Awesome! I’m glad you found a solution. I would have suggested checking the default initial input on the slider, but sounds like a toggle makes the most sense here anyway.