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Reset Value to Zero / Equal Operator

Hi bubblers,

I would like to reset a value in the database to zero using a button.
I have a reset button. I have a field called Money (type user) that is a number.

The workflow:
Things to change: Current user
Money = Current User’s Money is 0

Doesn’t seem to work…
Im guessing because this checks whether two entries are equal or not. If so, yes is returned. So how would I change the Money’s value to zero?

It’s confusing because if I were to add, subtract multiply etc… in the same way it would work just fine for example:

Things to change: Current user
Money = Current User’s Money + 10

Is there another operator that sets the value? Any help is appreciated!

Ok I think I figured it out:
Money = Current User’s Money is 0: formatted as number
This seems to work.

Im guessing maybe because it was turned into text and needed to be formatted back to a number? or to give you options to format as number/text?

You’re over complicating it…

To reset the current user’s money to zero you just need:
Money = 0

Thank you! I couldn’t see it, that is much simpler :grin:

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