Reseting hidden radio buttons

Hello there,

I’m trying to build some question form, which works like that:
User chooses between two answers (radioButton).
When one answer is selected, next question is shown (condition for hidding element).

But sometimes user missclicks the answer, and then keep answering next questions. When checking the form, user sees the mistake, simply changes the asnwer and then different (proper) questions are shown.
It would work perfectly, but the radiobuttons answer is saved, even tho it’s currently hidden. And it generates problems when saving those answer to database. Overall, answers make no sense, as I intentionally chose radio buttons, to make it only possible to select one of the answer, because it’s impossible for both answers to be true at once.

I’m trying to find a solution how to reset radiobutton’s value to null / nothing, when they’re hidden, but I can’t find anything that suits my needs.
I have more than 50 questions in this form, and I wouldn’t like to create custom state for each radio button, and then create 50 workflows for each radio button. Is there any easier way?

Idk if I fully got your scenario but you can use other input methods and make available to select only one option, you’ll just need to create the validation rules accordingly.
You can even use icons and texts within a group to simulate the radio buttons

Sure, I can just replace the element type, but actually into what?
As there are many answers and I want to make it as user-friendly as possible, radio button would be perfect option (two screenshots to see use case):

What is crucial for me is to not have predefined selected option, so checkbox isn’t good for me. I have thought of dropbox, but it’s not good from UX point of view.

I’ve thought of changing default value of radio button, as you can make in ‘initial value’ for input element. And make a simple condition:
When radio button isn’t visible,
Set default value to [nothing / null].
Even if it works for input element, it won’t work properly for radio button :frowning:

And I’ve also found this specific case which is quite similar to mine:

But as far as I understand it correctly, initial or default value is set during page loading - so it won’t dynamically change my selection of radio button. I don’t understand why the solution works in this post’s case, and not in mine.

I would really appreciate your help!