Resetting data during facebook signup/login

I am trying to integrate facebook login on my app. As part of user sign up flow, we are doing couple of things:

  • Sending welcome email
  • Adding $25 credit to their account

Since bubble provides only one option for sign up/login using facebook, we need to ensure that the above two doesn’t happen everytime the user uses facebook to access the application. I tried using db values to figure out whether it’s a new user or returning user. That is:

  • Created a field for welcome email: set it to No by default
  • When the user signs up: I have placed a condition that set $25 to account value only if user’s welcome email is set to NO using “Do only when”
  • at the end of the worklow: I am setting the welcome email value to Yes once the email action is triggered

I am seeing that the values at the end of sign up are getting populated as expected (ie. welcome email is set to True).

but when the user clicks on sign up again- it’s almost as if Do only when condition is not being considered or values are being reset to default as the emails are still being sent out and account value gets reverted to $25.

Need help in figuring this out.

Below is the test link account:

I’m running into the same problem. When a returning user uses the Sign In with Facebook Button it looks as if it resets the entire page and doesn’t take the condition rule into consideration. Were you able to find a solution to this?

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