Resetting shopping cart

Hello friends, I need help in the following situation: I have a shopping cart where all the selected items appear when I click on it so that I can finalize the purchase, so far so good, but I need to click on finalize the order go back to the home page and the cart is reset. I am unable to reset the cart.

Very hard to comment without knowing the database structure

I,m with the same problem, i believe. User do not have to login to complete the purchase.

You should create a “current order” thing in the User db structure, ref to a Order data type, , containing the ordered products. And also a “placed order” thing. When the purchase is completed, to reset the “current order” you just move its contents to the Placed order, and that’s it.

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Thanks! but i’m new and… how do i move it? Please, help me

To populate information on fields you can use the flow action called “make changes to thing” and update the corresponding “things” field. A thing is a data type.

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Thanks! I’ll try

look this

thank you very much I understood and managed to do

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