ResidentStreet - Short term stay accommodation in Boston

Hi Bubblers,

We’d like to share one of our latest deliveries, a project for an early-age startup in Boston, Residentstreet. Entirely mapped out, designed and developed in 6 weeks.

ResidentStreet’s founders capitalised on new rules put in place by their native city of Boston. Those require Airbnb hosts to register as a short-term rental operator with the city. The approval process is slow and ResidentStreet aims to fill a gap by introducing a platform allowing users to easily rent out properties for a period between one and 12 months.
Resident street is currently under interviews with various US incubators while getting their first guests and hosts :v:

So if you - or people in your network - plan to spend couple of months in Boston and need a place to stay, you should try it! :wink:

You can read more about the project here :



Nice work here, both UI and UX standards, very polished.

Its interesting to see the Figma to Bubble workflow demo you have illustrated, would be interested to know more as I know there is a huge demand for it here with fellow Bubblers.


Great work on the design. What font did you use? I also found some minor styling issues.


Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, high and custom design standards was at the top of the client’s requirements for this one. Mainly due to this specific industry in general.

Regarding Figma to Bubble, it’s still a (long) work in progress! We are currently using it internally, as it is quite complex and customized integration. At this point, we gave a strict way of designing in figma to our designer, so we can then ‘import’ our components in Bubble as seamlessly as possible. Still some conflicts and errands, but definitely a game changer.

It is in our plans to work more on this and try to offer a more open solution to the community soon.


Thanks for catching those reponsive issues :+1:

For the fonts, our designer used custom fonts, Recoleta & Mr eaves

Stunning design :raised_hands:


Wow, what a stunning piece of design - very AirBNB-esque!

I’d be interested to know privately how much a project like this cost your client if your willing to share. @mattmazzega


@help Thanks for the nice feedback :wink: For a project like this, the total cost was around 12k$


Nice! Less than I thought considering the design precision and uniqueness of the branding.

Great work!

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Beautiful design! Nice work.


I can’t help but commend a beautiful design - well done!

Just out of pure interest, is this running on the native Cloudflare integration?


Very nice design. I also noticed a responsive issue on mobile.

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