Resize window - blank space on the right side

When I resize my window, I get this weird right blank space on the right

The space changes width and sometimes disappear under a certain window witdh but it kinda there all the time.

Any idea what it is?

  1. download Google Chrome (skip this step if you already have it)

  2. open your website in Google Chrome

  3. Right-click on the website in any place and choose “Inspect”:

  4. Change page width and check when things start to go wrong:

  5. Now check your elements layout settings (fixed width, max/min width and so on) and conditionals (if you are using some conditions for changing elements layout settings based on screen width)

hello i found the element - it is very weird

its is the date picker

here is without

here is with

the date picker seems to create an overflow but it is so weird