Resizing all elements within a group

Hi all,

Does anyone have a method of proportionally re-sizing elements within a group so that all the elements within that group are re-sized (to smaller or bigger) when the size of the parent container is modified?

I am working on converting a web to mobile but don’t want to redesign the whole thing on a dedicated mobile page if I can just resize to 320 * 640 or whatever.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pretty sure this is what the responsive editor view is for. Check it out.

Thanks for your response Keith. From my understanding, to convert your app to native and ensure the best chance of being accepted into playstore or iOS, you basically need to redesign and combine all the pages into a single native page 320 * 640 maybe. In order to resize and import all these pages into the new “mobile native page”, they need to be resized and converted into groups so that I can use hide and display functions.

I am not sure if the responsive editor achieves this goal, am I missing something?