RESIZING Google map: design different from preview :)

Good morning everyone!

I need some help with an app that I’m attempting to develop following the tutorial on a yelp like app. I attempted to add a background to my blank page and was playing around to resize the background and now my map’s size also looks different in the design page and in the preview page.

On the design page I have the actual size of the map that I would like but on the preview page it’s a lot longer and stretched out. I attached screenshots below.

Would you happen to know how I could fix how it looks like in the preview page?

Thank you very much in advance!

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It looks like you want to set the map to “fixed width” in the properties panel. That should give you the result you want.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, it worked!

I also have the same issue with my the background image that I uploaded as well. I tried selecting fixed width for that but it still appears unchanged (meaning that the design size looks different to the preview size)

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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