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RESOLVED - Braintree subscription and user going around your free trail period

How would you handle this?

  • I have setup Braintree with a subscription model with N days as trail period before the user gets charged.
  • I have also set it up so the user can CANCEL the subscription (like you should) at any time.
  • It all works great and was easy to setup, but…

How would you handle the fact that a user can CANCEL the subscription before the 15 days are over and then getting a new subscription for another 15 days free and so forth?

Wondering the best way to handle/ avoid this in Bubble or for your thoughts/ experience on this.


I don’t know about Braintree, but I handled all the trial logic for our app OUTSIDE of the payment gateway, so we could control it. We use Stripe, but manage the trial in our own DB instead of using Stripe for it. It lets us handle this pretty easily.


Could you add a new field in the User data type to track if they’ve had a trial? It could be a simple yes/no field. You set it to ‘yes’ the first time they sign up. Then when they try to subscribe again you check if the value is ‘yes’ and not allow them to resubscribe without paying. Better yet… you could hide all of the “Free trial” fields if they’ve previously had a trial and instead show the “pay to continue” fields instead.


Thank you both for taking the time for suggestions. Works great!

This is an old thread, but the way I handled it was to notify the user that their data would be deleted if they cancelled their subscription.

Yes, two years ago I started this thread. A lot has changed. Specifically Stripe, the way trial periods are now is different, they can be handled in Workflows rather than in the 3rd party platform. All you have to do is keep track (via your database) the user has previously subscribed. Then collect subscription payments without the delay. That is, if that’s your stated policy.

Hi, hoping to reactivate this thread. How would you solve that problem today? I am having the same issue with my app. Users can cancel and start a trial many times with the same card or billing email.