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[Resolved] Bubble unreachable UK (20:41 Sunday, 24 April 2016 (GMT+1))

Is anybody else having an issue? For the past one hour (at time of writing) Bubble is unavailable. The editor conked off mid-way and now the is just loading without any info.

No internet issues, as I am typing this :slight_smile: + listening to radio etc.

It works here, can you check?

It’s now back up again!

Update: @emmanuel - so it’s broken again. Here’s what I did in both cases before it broke.

  • Navigated to editor
  • Checked the issues being reported. (2 in my case)
  • Click on the issues and click on one of the issues in the pop-up
  • As soon as the issue navigates me to the page - the page is frozen
  • The main becomes unreachable

Would you mind doing the same steps and check if you run into some errors.

which app?

seems okay to me, but can you check your blockspring keys? Seems there is something wrong there.

Ummm OK thanks. Wasn’t using Blockspring, so disabled it altogether.
The editor and issues can be reached now. Could just be something temp.

Nope. I am convinced, when you click on the element tab in editor (through the dropdown) - it is acting weirdly.

There’s something going on. I have to close the site and open it again everytime I select an element through the dropdown.

Which element tab?

It’s working properly today. It’s OK.

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