[RESOLVED] Debugger stuck in "Step-by-step" mode for 1 page of 1 project

There’s just one page of a project that immediately starts executing in step-by-step mode whenever the “Preview” button is clicked. It’s really annoying. Anyone know how to remedy this issue? Or is there some setting somewhere that I’m unaware of and perhaps inadvertently enabled?

Hi @sudsy

Its sound that some cache need to be killed. Have you tried on a different machine?

Thanks, @JohnMark. I did indeed clear the cache, and I even nuked the cookies for the site to no avail, which suggests the setting is stored on the Bubble platform; but I have no idea where. I guess it’s time to submit a bug report.

Actually, what makes is REALLY annoying is that it happens every time a workflow runs on the page - not just when the page initially loads; so every time a link is clicked on that page, it goes into step-by-step mode - super annoying. Doesn’t happen on other pages using the same basic workflows.

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I’m embarrassed to admit that I was informed by support that I had set a breakpoint on an action within a workflow! :flushed:

I guess I should have known to check that, but honestly, I also think it points to another way in which the editing experience could be improved. Just like this suggestion regarding disabled workflows, if there was a breakpoint “badge” on any workflow/action containing a breakpoint, that would have made the issue immediately obvious.

PLEASE, Bubble, simple UX improvements like that this could go a long way towards a more pleasurable user experience, and would likely even save someone a bit of time.

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:joy: Make sense! I don’t use them often because of that, we forget them.

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