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[Resolved] Index page height - where to set it?

I am a bit flustered on this. I have created my app - 2 and a half nights later I have version 1 ready!

However, on the front page (pre-logged in) there is a black footer and then the page carries on… I don’t understand how to change it. Looked in the forum elsewhere and couldn’t find an answer.

Any ideas?

You have two ways: double click on the page and look at the bottom of the Property Editor, or scroll down and resize the page by dragging.

Hey @emmanuel , that’s what I thought it would be. However as the image below show -

  • I’ve set the page height to 500 and in the editor it shows the page small
  • However, when I Preview it, it still shows the grey area under black footer

Am I missing something?

This is because the style you’re using has a stripe at the bottom (you can remove that one, at the style level). Even if you make your page less high than the screen, we go to the bottom of the screen (otherwise it’d be weird)

OK, I know what you mean now. So, going over to Styles, I was able to delete the stripes and also change the image - it’s pretty neat.

As for the page, on the home page I am still trying to avoid having the scrollbar… not sure what I can do to get rid of that.

If the page is not as high as the page, the scrollbar shouldn’t be there, except if your computer puts it by default. Some settings in MacOs do this.

Ah OK, cool. Well, thanks for the platform! It’s just beautiful :slight_smile:

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