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[Resolved]Refreshing image in Repeating group with filter

I have a repeating group that displays a list of search results.

2 search results(1st image). And then when filtered with 1 search result…(2nd image)

When I filter those search results (from the repeating group’s data source), things work as they should, except the images seem to be cached and retain the previous images that were in those cells and do not refresh unless the whole page is refreshed. Every other type of data is updates or changed, except for the images.

Yes, when the page is refreshed, the correct images and data show up.

Also did not use to have this problem before.

I have tried clearing the list, reseting data and a few other things, but still can’t get the images to update accordingly when the filter is applied.

Any thoughts?


Hey @treeconsultgroup, I just tried replicating your setup in an app and I don’t have that same behavior for some reason. Hmm… I think it might be a bug if you are experiencing this all of a sudden :thinking: Are you using chrome? Can you share a link to the app in preview mode?

@fayewatson thanks for looking into it.

I am using chrome. And yes, I think it might be a bug as well, then again, maybe its the way I have it being filtered.

I have also noticed that when I try to filter too quickly (moving from one filter option to the other too quickly) the filter process just stops working altogether, and I don’t get any change in results…until I refresh the whole page again.

If anyone also sees this happening in their app, change the data type/source of the carousel element to display a dynamic list of the Parent Group Thing’s ListofImages’s Field (in this example: Parent Group Listing’s Photos of examples’s) and the images should display as expected. :slight_smile:


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