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[Resolved] Show link in Group only on activation

I am creating a user dashboard. The process is as follows - User had entered some fields, e.g. Title, Description, Link in input form and this is stored in app data.

On the dashboard page - I want to display this information in a list. So far so good. I have managed to get the RepeatingGroup functionality to set up correctly and in that I show the Title and one other field - there is a button in the cell which the user clicks to “View” more details. This is shown next to it in a Group - all details are correctly shown - except Link.

For some reason, the link is always on the page (as can be seen in the image below). I only want the link to appear once the user clicks View (just like the Title, Description etc field show up).

What am I missing?

Question. Is the link in the group?

Could you send a screenshot of your workflow, and the conditional state of the group you want everything to show up in?


Cool. So when you have the Group Selected, on the bottom of the inspector there is an option: This Element is visible. Uncheck that so the group is no longer visible. Then in the Workflow for “Button View is clicked” add the action: Element Action: Show Group JobDetail.

Ah, so I did what you mentioned and the whole Title, Desc, etc Fields are now missing when I click View.
However the Apply button only shows up when I click View.

Not sure what’s happening here. Tried to put it back as it was and the GroupDetail is still not visible.


OK, managed to get back to where I was. If I deselect the “This Element is visible” option - then I can’t see anything when I click “View”

One thing that has stumped me is, you ask to use “Element Action: Show Group JobDetail.” - however, I am using Element Action: Display data in Group JobDetail. I can’t get your Element action to work on my choice.

Hey Faiz,

I duplicated what you are trying to do on the test app. Page name is faiz

All you have to do, is keep that group “invisible” So “this element is visible” is unchecked

Remember, to view that element later for editing and what not, in the top left hand corner there is a section called “Hidables” where you can click hidden objects to view them.

Then add another action( Show group) in front of or behind your display data action.

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That works! Perfect…

The mistake I was making was, in the workflow… There need to be multiple actions - one is Display and then the next is Show… @JayMoney 's image for workflow showed the difference. Thanks a ton!

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