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Response code - Superrewards API

Hey, i have been trying to connect with so users can complete surveys
I tried almost everything. I tried to use Zapier, and that is actually working fine, but it cant make the right response to their server, so it just keep sending new request’s to mine.

I talked to their support team, they wasn’t sure that Zapier could work because of the response script.
In their guide, they say this:

Our system will retry postbacks up to 30 times if we don’t get a valid response. This happens over the next 24 hours, with longer delays between each attempt.

You must tell us you’ve received our postback by having your script or app output a value of of 1 (Success) or 0 (Try sending again later). No tags, just a 1 byte reply.

1 - If you were able to update your system successfully.
0 - If there is a problem. (We’ll wait and resend the postback again later)

I have no idea how i make that response of “0” or “1” back to their server, i guess its simple, but im just lost atm.
Right now i try to use the API Connector & i cant make it work there aswell.
They also have this response script in the guide:

if ($success) {
else {

But i guess that wont work in here. (I dont know that much about script)
Has anyone tried to connect with Superrewards before?
And can i use Zapier, or even the API Connector, to make it work?
I really appreciate your help!