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Response w Url for src attr value in image


Response from API is from Javascript object return value addressed as string by bubble.
Using regex , i can load a text field with


How do i config an image tag so that it picks up its src value from the URL ? I know the regex value that extracts the S3 image url but im not able to provide that to the dynamic value with the image widget ?

I have tried setting a condition on the text field so that when that is loaded from the API, the image will use the TRUE condition and a regex to get the URL value of the image that should be loaded from the CDN ( AWS S3)

get API response as string
IMG.src = JSON.parse(string).data.url

is JS equivalent of what i need from bubble

used a different set of tools to resolve it

chatgpt solution

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Bubble needs a native :parse JSON operator or something to extract things like this