Response was too large. API Connector limited to 50MB? Any way around this?

Hello all, i need to use the API connector to send large media files and am hitting a 50MB limit. Send requests fail with a “response was too large” error. Is there any way to manually interact with API’s outside of the API connector? or other ways to circumvent this. To be clear this is not related to a file uploader, I have a file in the bubble DB that I need to send to a 3rd party API.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! This is specifically for a completely No Code NFT Marketplace The API in question is Pinata/IPFS. NFT’s often have animated multimedia content files that are greater than 50MB so this is a pretty big blocker for that space.


Did you ever find a solution to this?

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Running into the same issue here. I need to send a file within the request body of a specific API via the API Connector, and I’m getting the same error (response too large). Did you find a way to fix this situation?

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Anyone ever get an answer to this?

Not via API connector had to build a direct connection in a custom plugin via JavaScript.

Hi @andrew21, do you have any further direction on this particular work around? I am also needing to send larger file sizes than 50MB. I am hoping to process audio, this is an API call.

Unfortunately not other than it may be api specific. Rather than connect via API connector you may have to create a custom plugin for yourself to transfer via JavaScript

i tried this out myself creating a custom plugin and utilizing javascript to call the api and sending a larger file size but i get timeout issues. did you experience this? @andrew21