Responsive Adaptation & Custom State Vs Pages. What's Better?

Hi guys, I have a question. How do you go about creating a responsive system? Do they usually create a mobile page (mobile version) for each page created on the desktop or do they adapt only?

Another question I have is: what’s better for performance? Creating an entire system based on custom state it’s a bad idea? Switching tabs, pages, loading data and etc. Or is it better to create pages yourself?

In my opinion, when building responsive some prefer to build for mobile then go full page but I like to use the unresponsive system then once I can see how it all works layout out I’ll go back and start tweaking everything, it’s really your preference, so I’d say try a few different ways until you figure out a system you like.

I’m not sure I fully understand the second question using states on the page makes loading faster instead of sending data back and forth from the database, but once data is stored in the state you can send a bunch at one time in a button action or other method.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try to explain myself better.

I have a software running in Bubble on just one page. All navigation is done through custom states, hiding and showing groups and popups based on custom states.

My question is if this is viable on a larger scale, if it would bring performance problems or something like that

It might be worth watching this @jacobgershkovich gives a good overview of SPAs vs individual pages.

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