Responsive bubble quick question

Hi forum! I have a question regarding the responsiveness in my app, here are 2 different screenshots of the same page, but one on may MacBook, and one on a big display, as you can see there is a big cap in the display between the navigation and the content. Any idea how I can fix this?

Display / monitor;


Are you referring to the space underneath the green header?

If so, it looks like your layout is vertically canteredā€¦ You probably want to align it to the top instead.

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Hi adam!
Thank you. Wich option do you recommand?
This is based on the page.


Or do I need to change the layout of the group?

Without seeing the pull page layout I canā€™t say which container element is causing the issue.

Feel free to share a link to your page preview if you want to me take a quick lookā€¦

Of course. I will send you a private message. Thank you.

The issue is that your page is set as a Row, when it should be set as a column (youā€™re forcing it to behave a bit like a column by giving the top green group a min width of 100% but you need to actually use a column layout here).

By default, items in a row will be spaced out evenly (vertically) when they wrap if the row fills the full heigh (as it does at the page level).

You could change that with some custom CSSā€¦

But it would be simpler just to set your page layout correctly for what you needā€¦ which is a column.

So you just need to change the page layout to column, and group ā€˜Group Menuā€™ and ā€˜Group Cā€™ into a row.