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Responsive Design Issue with Menubar

Hey was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to get my menu bar(The black bar at the top of the screen) to be “responsive”. I am working on a mobile app so I need the menubar to be consistent across screen sizes. Is there something I’m missing. I tried using both a square shape and a group with black background. Please help!

Usually this has something to do with the elements being on the same line, and it is trying to keep the spacing settings consistent.

Try playing with the Margins in the Responsive Editor, as well as changing some elements from Fixed Width to a responsive setting. Usually having on thing on the Left, you would set its margin to be Left Justified, and for the Icon on the Right, put it’s margin so it is Right Justified.

Can take some time to figure out, and if there are hidden elements in that Group it can mess up some of the Responsiveness as well. You can play with putting things inside the same group as well.

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