Responsive Editor and Real world Browsers are different

So I’ve been laying out things using the responsive editor, but unfortunately, I’ve found that the responsive editor’s view and real-world browsers don’t line up, and I’m a bit at wits end about what to do about it. How can we make our layouts work in responsive mode if they don’t line up with the end product? Am I missing something?

Have you been using the “minimum width %” feature, in the responsive editor?

The issue is, some mobile phones have a wider screen than others.

In your example, if your text element “40% of Winners …” had a minimum width of say 80% or 95%; then it wouldn’t get “moved to previous line if page is stretched”

Thanks @jordanfaucet I’ll give that a try. The Responsive panel is rather tricky to get the hang of! Thanks!

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Generally speaking the responsive editor should work as in browser. If you have no overlapping elements/hidden elements making this happen, you should duplicate your setup and submit a bug report.

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