Responsive Editor in Free version

Am I able to use Responsive Editor in the Bubble Free version?

Yes you are.

How? Can You help me?
I have created the web app and now I want to make it responsive How I will do that?

Do your pages have responsive layouts?

No, I just Drag the elements and design the static pages

Well if you want responsive pages, they need to have a responsive layout.

How do I have a responsive layout?

Change the page layout to anything other than Fixed.

Then I can’t place the elements(Button, Text, etc) where I want them in my design

then you need to learn how to use the responsive editor

Well that must be because you don’t know how to build responsive pages in Bubble…

Start by learning the basics: Responsive design - Bubble Docs

Is it available in Bubble’s free version?

Yes, Adam already answered that for you…