Responsive Editor Settings Suddenly Gone

When I go into the responsive editor (on the old responsive engine), I suddenly have no options as far as alignment, min/max width, etc. Seems to be some sort of bug. Anyone else have this problem?


Experiencing same issue. Anyone heard from support yet?

If you haven’t submitted a bug report, you should do that.

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you try reloading the page? if that doesn’t work, kick it.

@david49, @deliriousmiles you should also consider updating to the new engine, as very soon, the old engine will be gone, if it isn’t already.

I submitted a bug report and the team did say they found a problem and would work on a fix. @david49 it probably wouldn’t hurt to submit one as well. Sometimes when they think it’s just me with the problem they can take a lonnng time to fix it…

I have same problem. I’ve emailed support too.

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