Responsive editor - Type in page size

Please can we type the page width we want:


I waste so much time trying to resize the slider to the pixel width I need to test.

I often test page widths, specific to 1 pixel (where exactly does that element push to the next line, or hide)… The slider is clunky, and always knows which pixel I want, and avoids it at all costs. :upside_down_face:

If I am missing something, please let me know, it causes unnecessary stress!


Completely have to agree, the amount of time I spend fiddling around trying to get the perfect %. It would be much easier if we could just type 1145 (px) or 88 (%). Also, when we are not using (RUs) and our canvas contains a lot of on-page elements, the page width slider becomes one hell of a task to rescale correctly.

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