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Responsive Engine Problems

First off this responsive engine sucks. I know exactly how to use the previous engine like the back of my hand and this one I continue to struggle with basic aspects like the page with. The way the layout system works absolutely ruins the whole page. I just want the page to stretch and shrink to cover the whole page not a fixed width white borders on the side. This is ruining how I use the software. I only ask that bubble give the option to use previous engine or go back to the upgrade option because this slows me down heavily.

When I use fixed with full width it doesn’t make the page fuul width it is adding white borders along the sides of the page and my header will go to the full width of the page. I been messing with it and it keeps reloading elements to different locations on the page. this is weird, confusing and bad… really bad. the previous engine was perfect IMO.

Hey N, you seem to be a little bit frustrated. :grinning:

To stretch and cover the whole page use these settings, to illustrate the groups I gave them different colors:

  1. Settings for the page (for now):


  1. Settings header (red):

Note: Notice the empty value of max width, which results in “inf px” and the groups stretching.

  1. Settings body (green):

Also, buildcamp has a nice tutorial about wireframing, it might help to change your mind about the new responsive engine.

Next steps would be to add padding to the groups to prevent content to be directly to the edge of the screen, adding subgroups for left navigation bar, for content etc…

Thanks, I normally use reusable elements for my headers, But I was able to replicate it and it seems to be working. Much appreciated!

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