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Dear Bubble Community,

I am building a popup window and I want my inputs to stack in one column and once the maximum height is reached, start a second column. Is it possible ?

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Create a Row and inside of it place a column. When the height of column A is equal or higher than…, display another group next to it.

You can reference width and height of any element.

Assuming you have a repeating group with 5 boxes at a height of 50px and a 10px margin at the bottom between those boxes, each column will have a maximum height of 300px.

Thanks for the answer. I dont have any repeating groups. I am just building a pop up window with inputs. I am not sure how your first answer will work. I dont want to display a new column, I want my content to automatically split up in different columns when the maximum height is reached

No worries, same answer applies. You can reference the height and show/hide any other group. I think it’s better if you try this method first and if you get stuck, feel free to reach out again :+1:

Ok thanks, I will try it and let you know

Awesome, and forget the ‘automatic’ keyword, bubble hasn’t advanced that far yet with AI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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