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Responsive Formatting / Center Justifying RG Cells

I have a RG that’s 5 columns wide, by default. The RG is centered on the page. When the screen is smaller it’ll only show 4, but those 4 are no longer centered.

It seems as if the RG takes up the full width but the cells within it are left justified. Any way to make them center justified?


I’ve been playing with formatting and now have it so that the cells spread out when there’s extra space, so they’re no longer all left justified.

However, I’m getting an extra space on the right side of each cell, and never on the left of the left most cell. As such, the set of cells still isn’t center justified.

Anyone know how to get these center justified when page is smaller than the full width of the RG?

Here’s a screenshot with the debug_mode’s “show responsive lines” turned on:

Got it figured out. The key change I made was making the element the full width of it’s parent group (980px) instead of being 976px. Wasn’t obvious to me that it’d make any difference since it wasn’t set to fixed width, but it did.

Now, the cells show center justified, but with white space between them taking up extra space. Would prefer center justified with extra space on the left and right of the RG, but ohh well. Not perfect, but better than being left justified on a small screen.

You can also go into the responsive editor and change the alignment. This way, you don’t have to make it the full width in most cases.

Yeah, I was changing the alignment and that would change the alignment of the RG, but the cells within the RG were always left justified. Tried making them centered but couldn’t get it to work.

How does it respond when you change the responsive alignment of the content inside the cells instead? Also, what if you encapsulated the image inside a group within the repeating group? Those are the things I would look into as well, and hopefully gets you what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the thoughts @Scott. Yeah, I tried each of those as well and couldn’t get it.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Ideally, the spacing between photos would be the same vertically and horizontally. As such, the extra white space would be on the right and left of the entire RG instead of being included between each image itself. That said, I’m not willing to spend a few more hours to play with it further because 1) this works pretty well and 2) I’m not convinced there’s even a viable way to get the desired effect.