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Responsive height of shapes


i cant figure it out how to set height reponsive for shapes based on content inside it.

Coud you give me advice please?

Here is standard stretched repeating group with shapes and some text inside.

And here is mobile version - i need to have shape around text in every size:

Is it possible without any payed plugin?

Thank you.


Two questions:

  • Are you using the new layout engine or the legacy one?
    If the former, you might get a better response by posting to the forum dedicated to it. If the latter, you might consider switching your page to the new engine, although either engine of course supports adapting to varying content height.

  • By “shape”, do you mean an actual Shape element?
    There’s nothing in your screenshots to suggest you’d need to use any, since you can style a container element to have rounded corners and a drop shadow.


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Yeah i use legacy.

Perfect! I tryed to style a container and it looks absolutely same like shape and its responsive with text.

Thank you.

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