Responsive Issue - box of repeating group having a stroke

Its hard to see with pictures but in video it is much more easy - the frames of the responsive group keep changing in a very quick way like its shaking when i drag the window to a certain width. It makes the app unusable for certain users.

what is the cause of this

This is a case of responsiveness hysteresis :rofl:

The condition is becoming true, which adjusts the width which causes it to be false, then true, in an infinite loop.

I don’t know what expression would fix it but you might need to tack on another expression after that

Like modern cars if you press the brake pedal at 2% it would trigger the brake lights, but once pressed it needs to be released to 0% so it doesn’t create a strobe light being right on the edge of the threshold

okay thank you. By the way I am having another weird issue with responsiveness you might know the answer.

I always get a weird right white space on all my pages like that (next to the dj bear)

It is so weird - i dont know how to remove it