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Responsive Layout with Bubble, Foundation or Bootstrap... This could work!

Here’s what I am thinking…

  • Create layouts using Foundation or Bootstrap framework outside of Bubble
  • Build app modules in Bubble
  • Pull modules into layout using HTML element or iFrame

Has anyone tried this yet? I plan on experimenting with this technique and post my findings, I think its possible…

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Is klikpro built on bubble ??

Yes… All Bubble :grinning:

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It super sweet ! Great job :smile:
How did u end up building the brand ticker ?

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Thanks much @gaurav, glad you like it… I used the Slideshow element with graphics created in Pixelmator for the mac.

I notice that the klikpro page shows up in full width and height in a desktop browser. What page dimensions did you use ?

This is incredible good sir! Great job. How did you get the header and footer, and whole page layout on mobile perfect? Thank you! Will recommend!

@gaurav, I used 1300px width for the content area and stripes for the hero and body areas :slightly_smiling:

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@adamdaha1, thanks much and glad you like KLIKPRO. I haven’t started working on the mobile version yet… What you are seeing on mobile is not the way it should be, I will be working on the mobile version pretty soon :slight_smile:

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Kudos! Great job!!

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Did you use foundation or bootstrap? If so how did you connect the UI with Bubble? Any help you can provide will be helpful